Join Our Special "Founder Limited Edition"

The first delivery will be at the end of March 2024 onwards.

🙏 Sawasdee, Pioneers of Progress!

At Protomate, nestled at the heart of smart mobility innovation, we're not just crafting smart helmets—we're fostering a revolution in mobility. As you explore the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of Thailand, our cutting-edge helmets are here to usher in a new era of protection and peace of mind.

In a country where the spirit of adventure is as rich as its heritage, but road safety challenges are a pressing concern, Protomate stands as a beacon of change for the better. We're dedicated to reducing the alarming statistics—one smart helmet at a time.

Your journey deserves the safeguard of intuitive technology, meticulous design, and uncompromised comfort. Let’s make the roads safer, and fun together. 

Embark with us. Explore with confidence. Welcome to the home of Protomate—where every ride is a step towards safer roads in Thailand.

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